A turnaround can be one of the most labor intensive, time oriented and schedule defiant projects that a refinery can perform. It can take extensive years of research and scheduling and can be completed in a short time frame. JISG offers the experience to efficiently replace or service equipment during this time.

‚Äč We understand that it is crucial for a company to get these projects done in a timely manner. While never compromising the safety of any individual. We believe that careful project management, execution, planning can make a turnaround a success.

Communication is Key

At JISG we understand that clear and concise communication between contractor and client is key. We know that without a clear line of communication that things can get left undone and people's safety can be a liability. We always keep a clear line of communication between Employee, Employer and Client to insure that every detail is taken into account and that every person is on the same page.